About Us

Our engineering group has come together to produce solutions with aluminium cold extrusion applications for various industries since 2008 and has gathered under Faal Aluminum Engineering and Metal Industry.


With our team with nearly 20 years of cold extrusion experience, we offer tailor-made solutions to our customers in many fields from automotive to construction, electronics to the defence industry, and from medical to the packaging industry.

Faal Aluminum Engineering and Metal Industry, which aims to take its work further day by day with the principle of planned production, high precision, fast solution and on-time shipment, see continuous development as the most essential key to success in order to ensure high-quality standardization on the basis of product and batch.

While Faal Aluminum Engineering and Metal industry responds to your needs with cold extrusion products, it can also respond to its customers in many secondary processes required for your products to be finished.

Faal Aluminum Engineering and the Metal industry have the technical capacity to meet the different needs of our customers by forming other metals such as aluminium, alloyed aluminium, zinc, lead and copper by cold extrusion.

We continue to work with all our strengths to be your preferred supplier for your special product needs with our cold extrusion solutions.